Upon invitation by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President , the Hon. Riccardo Migliori , the AII Secretary General attended the Fall meeting which was held in Tirana on 5-7 October.

The Session was devoted to the OSCE promoting good governance and integration as a basis for stability and security.


During his stay in Tirana, the AII Secretary General Ambassador Pigliapoco had a meeting with the Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond PANARITI.

The present activity of the Initiative Under Slovenian Chairmanship and the future events scheduled by Ljubljana during the year of its Presidency were the focus of the first part of the discussion . Minister Panariti also expressed his satisfaction for the launching of the Regional Cooperation Program which has definitely transformed the AII into a real Project oriented Initiative.

Minister Panariti and Ambassador Pigliapoco also examined the perspectives of the future Albanian Chairmanship of the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative (june2013-may 2014 ) stressing that Tirana will have the responsibility of the Chair in the most delicate period for the Initiative , a period which will hopefully mark the formal approval of the Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region.