In the margins of the Special meeting of the XVI Adriatic and Ionian Initiative held in Athens , the AII Secretary General had a preliminary conversation with the future Chairman in Office of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative , Minister Lagumdzjia . Bosnia and Herzegovina will hold the AII Presidency from june 2014 to May 2015.

This first contact permitted to lay the basis for the future cooperation of the Permanent Secretariat with the Bosnian Authorities .

It was observed that the future Bosnian AII Charmanship will fall in a very significant period encompassing the last phase of the preparatory process of the EUSAIR and its first implementation phase .

A Calendar of events for future intergovernmental activities will be sketched as soon as possible and will take a specific shape where most of the activities will be tailor cut in order to serve the implementation of EUSAIR.

Ambassador Pigliapoco will visit soon Sarajevo to fine tune the activities of the Permanent Secretariat and the future Bosnian Presidency.