The project on "Innovative skills and competences for entrepreneurs in order to promote a new sustainable tourism in the Adriatic and Ionian Area" co-financed under the Regional Cooperation Programme 2012 of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative has been successfully concluded.

The project was led by the Adriatic and Ionian Forum of Chambers of Commerce and realized in partnership with associations and Chambers from Albania, BiH, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro  and Serbia. Its aim  has been to give a concrete contribution to the creation of an integrated tourism system in the Adriatic and Ionian Area favoring the dialogue between private tourist operators and public authorities for the growth of the competitiveness on tourism of the whole Region.

The objective has been realized carrying out a series of activities as follows:

  • Establishment of a web-community focused on the development of a more competitive and sustainable tourism;
  • Technical seminars for private tour operators in all IAI countries;
  • Design and testing of a new technological tool to promote an approach to micro-marketing of a new integrated  tourist destination(ADRION);
  • A multilingual wholesaler web site focused on accessible and sustainable tourism