The second EUSAIR Governing board was held on October  7th in Zagreb, under the Co-Chairmanship of the European Commission and the Republic of Croatia

The GB standing members took stock of the first two rounds of the four  “ Thematic Steering Groups “  meetings,  highlighting the opportunity to effectively link them with the overhauled AII Round Tables that, in line with the Declaration  of the Adriatic and Ionian Council of May 2015, represent  a “new auxiliary” tool for TSGs. Some shortcomings on the functioning of the Steering Groups were noted and will have to be tackled by partners in the coming months.

On the basis of the indications of the AII Committee of Senior Officials, held on the previous day, the decision to connect the Adriatic and Ionian Council and the EUSAIR political level was endorsed . There was general agreement that pooling resources will be more and more crucial, both for AII and EUSAIR.  A joint meeting  of AII/EUSAIR Ministers of Foreign Affairs will be held on the occasion of the EUSAIR Annual Forum and will issue a joint EUSAR/AIC Declaration.

Discussions among National Coordinators, Pillar Coordinators and the EU Commission focused also on the ADRION Programme and the Facility Point which will  support  the  EUSAIR  Strategy.

The 1st EUSAIR Annual Forum will take place at the end of May 2016, most probably in Dubrovnik .