The AII Round Table on Sustainable Tourism and Culture has been held in Zagreb on November 25.

It has been the first Round Table after the overhaul approved by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs at the Adriatic and Ionian Council of 13 May 2015 aimed at linking the AII intergovernmental instrument of cooperation with the EUSAIR Governance with a view of pooling energies and avoid overlapping.

The meeting - held back to back with the Thematic Steering Group on Sustainable Tourism (26 November) - was chaired by the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia with the support of the Permanent Secretariat.

The new system is also aimed at involving civil society much more than the past in order to have a two way communication with the TSGs in terms of recommendations, opinions, project proposals etc. In fact, besides representative of national Ministries of Tourism, the meeting was attended by representatives of the AI Forum of Chambers of Commerce, the AI Forum of Cities, AdriaPan (the Network of Marine Protected Areas), NGOs as well as by private entrepreneurs.

The results of the meeting were brought at the attention of the TSG on Sustainable Tourism of the following day by the AII Secretary General .