The second Committee of Senior Officials under the Chairmanship of Croatia took place in Brussels last February 23.

Main topics of the meeting were:  a report by the Presidency on the activities carried out during the first semester as well as its program of events until May; A discussion over the overhauled AII Round Tables and how to best connect them with EUSAIR Thematic Steering Groups; Next Adriatic and Ionian Council in the framework of the First Forum of the EUSAIR that will take place in Dubrovnik.

The latter topic had particular relevance as Senior Officials confirmed their decision to join forces with the ongoing macroregional process for the Adriatic and Ionian Region and to coordinate their political/ministerial level of cooperation. Consequently, a joint “Adriatic and Ionian Council/ EUSAIR Ministerial meeting” will take place on 12 May in Dubrovnik and will issue a single ministerial declaration.

Senior Officials also decided that, even though the topic of migration is not among the priorities of the AII and EUSAIR, the terrible refugee crisis unfolding along the Balkan Route and in the Mediterranean will have a place in the Declaration, committing AII Countries and the Commission to consider how the EUSAIR could contribute to its solution.