The forth EUSAIR Governing Board took place in Athens on October 7.

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Xydakis welcomed delegates informing that the Forum concluding the Hellenic EUSAIR co-Chairmanship and AII Chairmanship will be held in May on the Ionian Coast.

After presenting its priorities, the Hellenic Co-Chairmanship opened the discussion on the EUSAIR Facility Point which is close to finalize its preparatory activities before it becomes fully operational.

Other items discussed were:

  • The outcome of the technical meeting of Pillar Coordinators held on the previous day;
  • The dialogue between key implementers and ESIF/IPA Programme Authorities;
  • Follow up of Dubrovnik Declaration concerning possible actions on the refugee and migration crisis;
  • State of play and next steps of ADRION Program.

The AII CSO meeting took place back to back with the EUSAIR meetings on 6 October. Its main focus was the new role of the AII as advocate of civil society organizations for their full involvement into the EUSAIR Governance through the overhauled AII Round Tables and the EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform as soon as it becomes functional.

Under mandate by the Senior Officials, the Secretary General reported their encouragement and interest to have the Stakeholders Platform set up and working as soon as possible so that the principle of subsidiarity is finally fully applied for the EUSAIR.