The first “AII Troika plus AII Permanent Secretariat” meeting took place in Tivat (Montenegro) on February 7, 2019, organized by the AII Montenegrin Chairmanship.

During the working meeting, which saw the participation of representatives of past, present and future AII Chairmanships (Italy, Montenegro, Serbia) the following topics have been discussed:

- Information regarding recent events under the Montenegrin Presidency

- Calendar of the upcoming activities and organization of forthcoming events

- Adriatic and Ionian Council (Budva, 6-8 May)

- Preparation of Budva Declaration

- Ad hoc areas of cooperation (youth, anticorruption, migration)

- Strengthening cooperation with regional initiatives/organizations

Furthermore, the AII Permanent Secretariat together with the Montenegrin Chairmanship had the occasion to meet the Major of Tivat, Prof. Dr. Siniša Kusovac, which expressed his interest for the inclusion of the City of Tivat in the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Cities. The second Joint Conference of Civil Society Fora (Chambers of Commerce, Cities and Universities), which will be held in Budva on May 6-8, will be in this regard a great opportunity for the Municipality of Tivat to meet and discuss on the official joining of the Forum.