On May 30-31, Ancona (Italy) will be hosting the fourth edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, the itinerant international event dedicated to maritime tourism and developed by Risposte Turismo, consulting and research company operating in the field of the tourism macro-industry, this year in partnership with Central Adriatic Ports Authority. The Adriatic and Ionian Initiative is a supporting organization of the event.

Numerous round tables and over 200 operators are expected to attend the two-day opportunity for discussion, business networking and an in-depth study of the cruise, ferry and nautical sector.

The Forum’s objective is to discuss the future progress of maritime tourism in the Adriatic, facilitating the development of new collaborative projects and creating opportunities for all the stakeholders in the cruise, ferry and nautical (sail&yacht) sectors that operate in the Adriatic area and who will meet together and network.

Some of the topics to be discussed at the round tables include sharing choices and actions that could accelerate the growth of the Adriatic Sea through maritime tourism, the intervention and investment priorities that the area's port authorities identify, with reference to various aspects of passenger traffic, the possibility of pursuing economic growth and environmental protection, the important consequences for the territories generated by mega yacht tourism, the competitiveness of ferries in a modified framework availability of mobility and transport, and novelties that could characterize the cruise industry in the near future.

The event will also allow all participants to keep up-to-date with the European programmes dedicated to the area and with the EUSAIR strategy five years after its launch; to learn more about the characteristics, demands and expectations of customers interested in the possibilities for tourism in the Adriatic; to learn about situations outside the Adriatic area that have excelled in maritime tourism.

Attending Adriatic Sea Forum offers the chance:

- to get and stay in touch with the operators who work in Adriatic maritime and tourism industries as a whole, whether they are actually based in the countries that look onto the Adriatic or not;

- to establish contacts with important administrators and decision makers;

- to attend conference sessions and also have enough time for business meetings;

- to create new business relationships and strengthen the existing ones; for participants to each present their own projects and activities, results and perspectives;

- to acquire the latest data and information on maritime tourism in the Adriatic area.

Please find here a Forum brochure (including the programme) and a press release.

For further information and registration visit the official website of the event: http://www.adriaticseaforum.com/