The Adriatic Mediterranean Festival - the traditional late summer festival gathering in Ancona musicians, writers and artists coming from all over the Adriatic-Ionian Region and the Mediterranean – took place in Ancona from August 30 to September 3, organised with the support of the AII Permanent Secretariat.

This year's edition was dedicated to the country that holds the current AII Chairmanship, Croatia. Among the various events that recalled the history of the country, a meeting awarded the Adriatic Mediterranean Price to Mr. Joze Thomas, President of the Forum of the Adriatic Ionian Chambers of Commerce, in the acknowledgement of the work done with dedication and passion for the benefits of citizens and companies of the Adriatic and Ionian region.

The event participated by the Presidents and Secretary Generals of the three Fora of Civil Society and by Ms. Pansegrau Hadrović, as Chairman-in-office, shed light on the importance of regional cooperation and raised awareness on AII and EUSAIR among the many participants.